Hoboken, NJ Summit Proofing Co Factory Fire, Nov 1903

TWO HURT IN $250,000 FIRE.

Employes[sic] Badly Burned in a Factory at Hoboken.

The big plant in Hoboken of the Summit Proofing Company, manufacturers of waterproof cloth, was destroyed by fire yesterday afternoon. The blaze was discovered in the boiler room, and it is thought was caused by spontaneous combustion of chemicals used in the factory. As soon as an alarm was given, the employes[sic] made for the street.

In the rush David Carroll of 490 Fifty-sixth Street, Manhattan, and William Tempest of West Hoboken, who were in the drying room, were overcome by smoke and badly burned before they were rescued. Assistant Chief Engineer Michael Dunn found the men lying unconscious in the hallway and dragged them out to the street. They were taken to St. Mary's Hospital.

The loss is estimated at $250,000.

The New York Times, New York, NY 29 Nov 1903