Waretown, NJ Fire, May 1896


Fire Comes Into Waretown from the Adjacent Forest.

New York, May 18.---The village of Waretown, N. J., is reported to be burning. It is a place of about 300 population. Assistance has been summoned from Manchester, N. J. Fire was started in the woods near Waretown by sparks from a locomotive, and it was driven by a high wind upon the village, which is without a fire department. There are rumors of loss of life consequence of the conflagration.

The Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 19 May 1896



There Is Still Some Danger and the Woods Are Burning.

Special to The Inquirer.

WARETOWN, N. J., May 19.----The inhabitants of this fire-threatened village who spent all day yesterday in a struggle to save their homes have had but little rest to-day. Back-firing was resorted to and all the thickets that approached near houses, barns or outbuildings were cleaned out in this way. The burnt-over district is covered with embers that only need a breeze to be fanned into flames. To-day a great fire is raging to the northwest of this place, apparently just west of Forked River village.

Beside the volunteers and the Central Railroad gangs which were working in the village the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Tuckerton Railroad had each a construction train and gang of men replacing their railroad bridge over Oyster Creek, about a mile west of Waretown, which was burned out yesterday, destroying all connection on that line. Another danger to this railroad was the burning of many ties, rendering the track unsafe.

Charles Martin, lessee of the Hopkins House, which was burned yesterday, estimates his loss on furniture at over $4000. His insurance had run out but a day or two ago. The damage to timber, cedar swamps and cranberry bogs cannot be estimated, as no one cares to risk his life by making an investigation of the extent of the fire's ravages.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 20 May 1896