West Hoboken, NJ Trolley Car Panic, July 1904



Over twenty persons were hurt as the result of a trolley accident in West Hoboken last night. Those who were hurt were those who lost their heads and jumped from the open car. Those who remained on it escaped injury.
A car bound from North Bergen to Hoboken had reached Clinton Avenue and Cortlandt Street, West Hoboken, when, with a flash, the controller box burned out. The car at that moment was traveling at full speed. When the controller box burned the smoke and flames were carried back into the car. Instantly there was a panic, and before the motorman, himself badly injured, could bring the car to a stop, thirty or more, fully half those on the car, had jumped. Those who jumped first were the worst injured. The last to jump escaped with little hurts.
The worst injured were: LAZAR SHATTIZEN, 311 Grand Street, Hoboken, skull fractured; CHARLES KATZE, 800 Park Avenue, Hoboken, head cut, shoulder blade broken, internal injuries; MRS. E. LANDOLT, 1,507 Clinton Street, Hoboken, cut on the head, wrist broken.
MRS. M. GRAHAM, 103 Ninth Street, Hoboken, head cut, internal injuries; MRS. MARGARET BECKER, 129 Spring Street, West Hoboken, face lacerated, hands torn; JOHN TUARA, 310 Hudson Street, Hoboken, cut about the face and head; FREDERICK GOEBEL, motorman, burned about the hands and face.
Several of the injured were taken to Christ Hospital, Jersey City.
Ambulances, the West Hoboken Police and Fire Departments, and all the available doctors were summoned. Many who were hurt went home, refusing to give their names.

The New York Times New York 1904-07-06