Navesink, NJ Yacht Accident and Drowning, Feb 1906


Yacht Crashed Through Crust---Boy's Brother Saved.

By Associated Press.

NEW YORK, Feb. 12.----While ice yachting yesterday on the Navesink river, N. J., CHARLES HENDRICKSON, a Fair Haven boy, lost his life by the boat breaking through the ice. He was with his brother Benjamin, who sailed the boat. When the yacht broke through a thin spot.

Charles fell into the water and went under the ice. Benjamin saved himself by climbing up on the windward runner, which continued to remain on the ice, and was rescued by men in a batteau [sic]. The drowned boy was 17 years old.

The Fort Worth Telegram, Ft. Worth, TX 12 Feb 1906


My grandfather and grand uncle

This story came up in a Google search of "Charles Hendrickson", "Fair Haven", "Navesink". Benjamin and Charles Hendrickson are my maternal grandfather and grand uncle, respectively.

Gary CHARLES Donaldson
Braselton, Georgia USA