Bordentown, NJ Truck And Bus Collision, Oct 1973


Bordentown, N.J. (UPI) -- Eight persons were killed and 13 injured Friday night when a tractor-trailer meat truck blew a tire and tore across a divider striking a car and slamming head-on into a Greyhound bus on the New Jersey Turnpike.
The impact crushed the front half of the Philadelphia-to-New York express bus and trapped several of the victims, including the bus driver, in the twisted metal.
Sixteen persons were aboard the bus and four persons were in the car, officials reported.
The car caught fire and the New Jersey State Police said the incident backed up traffic for up to 22 miles on the turnpike.
Names Withheld.
Hospital authorities, who counted the dead and injured, withheld the names of the victims until their families could be notified.
Rescue crews pulled apart the wreckage of the bus with a winch in order to reach the injured passengers.
The other survivors got out by climbing through the windows.
WILLLIAM W. WARLOW, JR., 21, of Pitman, N. J. the trucker, said he was thrown through the windshield of his meat-carrying rig after it tumbled down a 50-foot embankment.
"After the left front tire blew out my thoughts were just to keep the truck in the right hand lane, but automatically she went to the left," WARLOW said at Hamilton Hospital, where he was treated for face and arm bruises.
"I guess I hit the bus and then went down the embankment," he said.
BOB HILL, an ambulance driver, said he counted at least five occupants of the bus who were trapped with fatal injuries.
Smashed Like An Accordion.
"The front of the bus was smashed in just like an accordion up to the third or fourth row of seats," HILL said.
"The bus driver was trapped in his seat, and there were two bodies in a seat right behind him. I could see five bodies in the bus that I know of."
One of the passengers, MILDRED DIAS, 20, of Philadelphia, said she had a baby in her arms when the crash occurred.
She handed the 11-months-old child to a fellow passenger and they made it to safety through a window.
A Hamilton Hospital spokesman said four persons were pronounced dead on arrival and 12 persons came in with injuries. Five were admitted, four of them in fair condition and one in serious condition.
Two men and a woman were dead on arrival at St. Francis Hospital in Trenton. One woman was pronounced dead at Burlington Hospital, and a woman was admitted to that hospital.

The Coshocton Tribune Ohio 1973-10-20