Trenton, NJ, Horse and Buggy Accident, Aug 1892

From the Trenton Times, Trenton, NJ-August 10, 1892


William Pippin and Harcourt Payran Met Their Death To-day,


While Driving Over the Track at Hutchinson's Crossing the Long

Branch Express Struck Their Buggy and Hurled it High in the Air-

Both Men Died Instantly-The Horse Injured so Badly it Had to be


The Long Branch express train No.295, on the Pennsylvania Railroad,
which arrives here at 10:55, struck and killed two men this morning at Hutchinson's crossing, just this side of the Bear Swamp. One of them was William Pippen, the well-known livery -man, of Perry street, and the other was Harcourt Payran, son of Samuel Payran, who keeps a harness store at the corner of Perry and Broad streets.

The two men started out this morning to gather huckleberries and took along their shot guns in case any game came across their path. They drove out in a buggy and when they reached the crossing they did not take the precaution to look out for trains, but drove out on the tracks and before they knew it the train was upon them.

The locomotive's whistle gave a wild shriek, but it was too late. The engine struck the carriage squarely and hurled it high in the air, killing both men instantly and so badly injuring the horse that it had to be shot.

The bodies were badly mangled, but not beyond recognition. The engineer at once reversed the engine and stopped the train and the bodies were picked up, put on board and conveyed to the Clinton street station, from which place they were conveyed to the morgue.

Coroner Coutier viewed the remains and will order an inquest.