Passaic, NJ Fire Sept 1897

Many Persons Escape By the Roof---Two Rescues by Firemen.
PASSAIC, N. J., Sept. 21.---Eight families were caught in the upper floors of the three-story brick building at Main and Passaic Streets by a fire this morning. The flames started in the cellar and ran up through the stairs. Most of the persons escaped to the building of Assemblyman John King, which adjoins.
Mrs. William Dunham and her daughter were not able to leave their apartments, and Mrs. Dunham's dress and her daughter's face and hair were burned in an attempt to get out. The firemen finally raised a ladder upon their shoulders to the window and the women were rescued. Mrs. Fry, one of the tenants, was overcome by smoke and had to be carried out.
On the ground floor was the men's furnishing store of H. Meyers & Son. Their stock was totally destroyed. The loss on building and contents is estimated at $20,000.
The New York Times, New York, NY 22 Sept 1897