Singac, NJ Train Accident, May 1899

Fatal Crossing Accident Near Paterson

Paterson, N. J., May 29.---One woman was killed outright, another fatally injured and a baby so badly hurt that its chances of life are small in a grad crossing accident at Singac, about eight miles from this city, last night. The dead woman is Miss Juliette Rafferty, 30 years of age, of Paterson, and the injured Mrs. Moses Fitzgerald and her infant. They were out driving with Moses Fitzgerald, husband of the injured woman, and William Rafferty, brother of the dead woman. There was a sharp bend in the road just at the crossing, and the people in the carriage did not notice the approaching train until too late. The carriage was ground into kindling wood. The men escaped with slight injuries.

The News, Frederick, MD 29 May 1899