Morristown, NJ Mount Freedom Turnpike Auto Accident, Aug 1924


Car, Hurrying Injured Girl to Hospital Skids; Two More May Die.

Special to The Washington Post.

Morristown, N J. Aug 10 – Being speeded toward Morristown because one of its young women passengers had been jolted against the top of the machine and was unconscious, a 7-passenger car skidded off the newly oiled surface of the Mount Freedom turnpike early today.
The automobile plunged down a 4-foot embankment, tore through the underbrush for 100 yards and turned over. Two men were instantly killed and a young girl died several hours later in the Morristown Memorial hospital. Two sisters were injured so badly that they may die and a South Orange policeman was badly hurt.
Thomas F McGovern, of Newark, and Lester Graves, of South Orange, were dead when ambulances arrived from Morristown. Miss Mary O’Grady, 20, died this afternoon from a broken neck. Mazie and Margaret McDonald, 18 and 22, are in a serious condition in the hospital here.
The party had been to Lake Hopatcong on Saturday for an outing and were on their way home.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 11 Aug 1924