Millstone, NJ Ice Floe, Jan 1902


Man, Horse and Wagon Swept Down Raritan River.

SOMERVILLE, N. J., Jan. 23.---When Tax Assessor John H. Saums of Hillsborough township, left his home in Millstone this morning with his bay trotter hitched to a light road wagon he found the approaches to the big iron bridge over the Raritan river south of this place under three feet of water. He urged his horse through and had nearly reached the bridge when the animal disappeared in a hole that had been washed out in the roadbed. The horse came to the surface and swam out into the river, carrying the wagon and Saums with it. The swift current and floating ice which the heavy rains of last night had broken up swept the horse and wagon along. They were struck by the ice and rolled over and over and often disappeared was witnessed by farmers on an embankment near the river, but they were unable to go to the rescue through the flooded lowlands. William Snyder, a farmer who was nearest the river hid behind his barn to avoid seeing the man drown.

After being swept down the river for an eighth of a mile Saums cut his horse from the wagon, and got on its back. Then began a desprate[sic] struggle for life. Horse and rider were frequently hit by the ice and submerged but finally reached shallow water exhausted, where they were quickly rescued by the farmers. Saum was taken to the house of John Frazee. He was cut and bruised, but was able to return home later in the day.

Naugatuck Daily News, Naugatuck, CT 23 Jan 1902