Passaic, NJ Orphans Prevent Train Wreck, May 1933

Orphan Boys Prevent Wreck of Train Carrying 500 Persons.

Passaic, N. J., May 4.---Quick work of six boys from the Passic Orphan Asylum was credited today with averting a wreck of an Erie Railroad express train carrying 500 commuter passengers.

The boys, watching from the asylum windows during a heavy cloudburst last night, saw that the rush of water had carried away ballast under the tracks and left about 50 feet of tracks and ties hanging ten feet in air. They ran down the track in the rain, knowing the 7:50 express from Jersey City was due.

Engineer John McGlin, of Nutley saw the six boys frantically waving. He stopped the train within 50 feet of the washout.

The boys were Jacob Merinizek, 15, John Murdock, 11, Douglas Fleming, 15, Rudolph Borsche, 14, Frank Mazzola, 13, and his brother Michael, 11.

Edwardsville Intelligencer, Edwardsville, IL 4 May 1933


source of article

The source of the article was:

Edwardsville Intelligencer, Edwardsville, IL 4 May 1933

orphan boys prevent train wreck

Dear Linda Horton,
I"m trying to get in touch with you to track down the source of the article about the prevented train wreck you kindly transcribed and posted. I'm working on a short story by William Carlos Williams which seems to refer to it and I'd like to know how to find and cite sources for the event your story describes.
Jeff Westover