Paterson, NJ Fire, Jul 1888


Large Number of Wooden Building Destroyed, Involving Heavy Loss.

PATERSON, N. J., July 10.----Fire started in Wm. Scott's livery stable, opposite the Erie depot, from an unknown cause the morning and spread rapidly in all direction until a large number of wooden buildings were destroyed. The losses on building are as follows: James Bell, $10,000; W. H. Quackenbush, of Brooklyn, $15,000; F. A. Ulrich, $3,000; Jas. W. McKue, $500; Hannah Hough, $300. The losses on stock and furniture are as follows: Martin Plasecki, shoes, $300; John Hemingway, produce, $500; James Bradley, saloon, $300; H. Brem[ineligible]mp, cigars, $800; William Whitem, saloon, $200; Mrs. Hawthorne, on furniture, $200; A. Myers, fancy goods, $1300; A. Lossa, fruits and liquors, $1200; Francis Harron, restaurant, $400; Abraham Stur, barber, $300; Daniel Scanlan, $300; Peter Zeitlinger, saloon, $400; Mrs. Lorme, on furniture, $400; J. P. Elliott, saloon, $200; Charles Taylor, saloon, $600; William Scott, livery, $300; Jacob Dauler, hotel, $3200; Monro Shuvel, saloon, $200.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 11 Jul 1888


Jumped for Their Lives.

PATERSON, N. J., July 11.---The block opposite the Erie railway depot at Rampo avenue and Market street was totally burned yesterday. Five men narrowly escaped with their lives by jumping from the second story windows. The loss was $50,000. The heaviest single loss is that of William Scott, livery stable keeper, $5,000. The rest is in small amounts distributed among a large number of small tenements of the burned block.

Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, OH 11 Jul 1888


A Fatal Fire at Paterson.

PATTERSON, N. J., July 10.---A fire broke out in the business blocks opposite the Erie Railway depot to-day. A number of the inmates jumped from the windows and escaped with slight bruises, but it is reported several lost their lives.

Evening Bulletin, San Francisco, CA 11 Jul 1888