Hackensack, NJ Boat Accident and Drownings, May 1909


Passengers Drowned as Boat Capsizes in Hackensack River.

Lack of a Bridge Fatal to Employes of a Paper Mill in New Jersey.

Hackensack, N. J. -- Four girls and a man were drowned when the rowboat in which they were crossing the Hackensack River was capsized. The victims were CATHERINE HOFFMAN, twenty-six years old; MAARY SACHS, seventeen; LIZZIE SINANECK, eighteen; MARY HORANZI, fifteen, and PETER HOLLOWINSKI, all of Hackensack. Three other persons who were in the boat managed to save themselves, but were exhausted when the reached the shore. They are THOMAS BURKE, FRANK LACY and a little Polish boy named PETER.

All the party were employes in the American Paper Company's plant in Bogota. The party were returning from work when a fierce gust of wind struck the boat and capsized it.

The members of the Board of Freeholders have for a long time felt that a bridge crossing the river from the lower part of Hackensack was a necessity, and several months ago voted to build such a structure at a cost of $200,000. Several prominent citizens objected to the plan, and the question was taken to court, where the case is pending.

The Cranbury Press New Jersey 1909-05-21