Newark, NJ Car And Truck Crash, Mar 1982


Newark (AP) - Seven females on the way to church were killed yesterday morning when their car collided with an oil truck, skidded on rain-slicked streets and burst into flames, police said.
Newark Police Lt. Armando Fontoura said the fuel truck driver, LAWRENCE TAYLOR, 36, of Newark, was southbound on First Avenue shortly after 8 a.m. when his truck collided with a 1970 Cadillac convertible.
All the victims were in the Cadillac, which was eastbound on Sussex Avenue and headed for morning services at the New Hope Baptist Church, he said.
Officials said all the victims lived in nearby East Orange.
The two vehicles skidded "out of control" between 90 and 100 feet south on Sussex Avenue and the truck smashed into a utility pole, flipped over and came to rest against the fence of a factory building, he said.
The car, wedged between the toppled truck and the fence, burst into flames, trapping the seven of the eight occupants inside, Fontoura said. The truck, owned by Power Oil Fuel Co. in Irvington, also burst into flames, but the driver escaped injury, he said.
"The one survivor from the car ... somehow managed to get out, but we don't know whether it was through a car door or through the roof, which was burned," Fontoura said.
The victims were identified the victims as:
JOANNE BROWN, 42, driver of the car;
her daughters, FELICIA, 17, RUBY NELL, 15, and TAMMY NELL, 11;
sisters CAROLINE MOORE, 15, and SHERRY MOORE, 16;
LISA MOORE, 14, sister of two of the dead girls, was in fair condition yesterday afternoon in the hospital's emergency room, Ms. Dare said.

Daily Record Morristown New Jersey 1982-03-08