Graceland, NJ Train Wreck, Jan 1903


A Terrible Wreck on the Jersey Central at Graceland, N. J.


Fire Broke Out Almost Immediately After the Crash and a Number of Those Who Were Pinned Down Died in Great Agony -- The Royal Blue Express Smashed Into a Local Train.

Westfield, N.J. -- One of the most appalling railroad wrecks that has occurred in the vicinity of New York City for many years, the estimated loss of life ranging from twenty to thirty persons, took place at Graceland, on the Central Railway of New Jersey, near here, when the Royal Blue Line express plowed at top speed into the rear of a local train.

Immediately after the crash three of the shattered cars of the local train took fire, rendering impossible the rescue of many of the wounded who were pinned fast in the wreck. Many bodies are believed to have been consumed.
On board the flyer all the passengers, although badly shaken up, escaped uninjured except for triffling bruises.
List of The Dead:
ROWLAND CHANDLER, seventeen years old, No. 17 East Ninth Street, Plainfield.
THOMAS A. CUMMINGS, Putnam Avenue, Plainfield; former famous Yale quarterback; one leg was severed.
EDWARD CURRID, Plainfield.
EDWARD FLYNN, No. 25 West Fourth Street, Plainfield; employee of H. R. Claffin Company, New York.
ELIAS MILES, No. 21 East Sixth Street, Plainfield.
J. R. HALLETT, Plainfield.
HARRY G. HAND, son of Justice of the Peace I. Hand, Plainfield, a clerk in New York City.
ROBERT HAPPERSON, of 922 Putnam Avenue, Plainfield, N.J., connected with Bradstreets New York office.
HENRY ROGERS, Plainfield, N.J.
MISS LENA LINDBARGER, of No. 515 Park Avenue, Plainfield, N.J.
HENRY L. MAHAN, of No. 211 East Fifth Street, Plainfield, N.J.
HARVEY M. PATTERSON, twenty-three years old, Dunellen; one leg cut off; died at Muhlenberg Hospital, Plainfield, N.J.
CHARLES B. REED, Clinton Avenue, Plainfield, N.J.
R. B. SHANDO, No. 247 East Ninth Street, Plainfield, N.J.
F. A. SMITH, Plainfield.
C. T. THAYER, Watchung Avenue, Plainfield, N.J.; secretary to Senator T. C. Platt, at No. 49 Broadway.

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