Atlantic City, NJ Windstorm; Pier Collapses, Steamboat Blown Ashore, Feb 1902

The Clavordale Aground at Atlantic City
—Section of Young's Pier and the
Loop the Loop Collapse

Special to The New York Times.
ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., Feb. 2 —During
the gale this afternoon, the steamship
"Clavordale" of London, bound from China
and Japan with 4,000 tons of tea and 3,000
tons of general cargo, was driven on Brigantine
Shoals, where she now lies in an
easy position. Tugs are alongside, and unless
the gale blows her further on she can
probably be floated at flood tide. Her
New York agents are Punch, Edye & Co.
Her home port is London. She last stopped
at Algiers twenty-five days ago. Capt.
Dundee says he had no idea of his exact
whereabouts until the vessel grounded.
A section nearly 100 feet in length of
Young's Ocean Pier was carried into the
ocean late in the afternoon by the collapse
of the hundred-feet-high loop-the-loop railway
on the pier, which was blown down
by the gale. The damage will probably
amount to $10,000.
Soon after the noon hour, the wind became
high, and the sea came far up the beach.
The loop-the-loop, which was built and
operated last summer by the Manhattan
Construction Company of New York,
showed signs of weakness, and about 5
o'clock, the incline up which cars were
drawn prior to taking the rapid descent
and upside-down trip through a big loop
went over carrying with it the section of
the pier.
The city is in darkness to-night owing to
damage to electric-light wires caused by
the wind.

Feb. 2, 1902 edition of The New York Times