Perth Amboy, NJ Train Wreck, July 1899


Forty Passengers in a Wreck on the Rariton River Railroad

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (Special).–There was a bad wreck on the Raritan River Railroad a few days ago. Forty persons rolled down a twenty-foot embankment in a car. No one was killed, and only one person was seriously injured. The railroad runs from Perth Amboy to this place.

The train to which the accident happened left Perth Amboy shortly before 6 p.m. It consisted of an engine and two cars. The forward car was the passenger coach. The other contained express matter and baggage. Three miles from Perth Amboy the road makes a sharp bend while on an embankment. At the curve is a switch, and at this point the engine left the rails without any apparent cause. It rolled down the embankment and rested in the swamp below. All of the passengers were rescued without difficulty. some of them received minor cuts and bruises and they all went to their homes.

The Abbeville Press and Banner
July 19, 1899
page 7