Sand Hills, NJ Plowing Accident, May 1869

Joseph Quigley, a young married man and residing at Sand Hills, met with frightful accident a few days ago. He was plowing in the field, quite a distance from the house, and at noon unfastened his horse and attempted to spring upon the back of one, when it became frightened and leaped forward, throwing Mr. Quigley is such manner that his foot was entangled in the harness. The terried horse instantly dashed away on a full run, dragging the unfortunate man after him, the latter never losing his presence of mind during these frightful moments, but striving to his utmost to free his feet. After running a half mile, the horse came against a fence with such violence came against a fence with such violence as to throw him upon his side, and before he could struggle to his feet, Mr. Quigley succeeded in withdrawing his foot. The next instant the animal was up and continued his flight until he reached the house, where his appearance showed that something was wrong with his master, and search was at once made for him. In the meantime, the wounded man had shouted himself hoarse, and being unable to raise up, could only signal to his friends by waving his hands over his head. He was found at last and carried home, and three physicians were called. An examination found that one leg was broken, while the entire back was lacerated and mangled terribly. It was a source of wonder to all that he escaped instant death. At last accounts he lay in a very critical condition.

Daily State Gazette, Trenton, NJ 31 May 1869