Toms River, NJ Aged Veteran Hit by Train, Dec 1914

Aged Veteran Hit by Train Yesterday Died this Morning
New Jersey Courier
December 18, 1914

Nathan Moore, an old soldier, and well known character in this section, was hit by the 12:20 train at the Central Railroad freight depot on Thursday, December 17, and was fatally hurt. He lay unconscious for hours after being picked up till he died today.

As near as can be told, Moore came out of the Yoder machine shop and walked to the railroad track, either to cross or to follow along it. The noon mixed train for Barnegat was shifting freight cars and the engine stood off by the freight depot. The engineer says he looked along the track and saw everything clear, started his engine down the side track for the main track, and was looking back at his cards, and did not see the victim at all, till after he got on the main line and was backing up, and came back past the body. Neither did the fireman see it.

Edward Irons, son of Montraville Irons, was standing on the freight depot platform, and saw Moore walk on the track. he says he wonde4red what the man was trying to do, and why he didn't get off, but before he could cry out, the engine hit the man and sent him spinning around in the air.

Moore had a bad cut over his left eye, which bled profusely, at least a pint of blood, it was said. His body and legs were also more or less mangled, mak-sounds that would have been very painful, had he been conscious. Dr. Frank Brouwer was called and attended the man. He said the skull was not broken, but gave very little encouragement, or hopes for recovery.

Nathan Moore has a wife, and two sons, George and Arthur. He is a member of Burnside Post, G.A.R.

Frank Hartman is conductor of the noon train; Thomas Gorman, engineer; James Chamberlain, fireman, all of Lakehurst; and Burd Jones of Waretown was brakeman yesterday, in place of the regular brakeman, B. Johnson of Lakehurst, who died the day of the accident.