Bayonne, NJ Railroad Gondola Accident, Mar 1895



Bayonne, N.J., March 2. - The breaking of an axle of a gondola attached to a coal train on the Central railroad of New Jersey caused a serious wreck and the loss of two lives at Forty-Sixty Street, this city, at 6:30 yesterday evening.
Engineer WILLIAM H. THOMAS, was so badly injured that he died a short time after he was removed to the Bayonne Hospital. Fireman WINFIELD HOLLAND was instantly killed by being buried under the wreckage, and HARRY O'RELL, fireman, was badly injured, and was taken to the Bayonne Hospital, where he is still alive.
The Royal Blue line express had left Jersey City westbound at 6:12 p.m., and when she reached here she ran parallel for some time with a coal train, consisting of 20 empty gondolas. The express was running at a high rate of speed and consisted of a locomotive, three passenger coaches, a sleeper and a combination smoker and baggage car.
There are four tracks at this place, two used for passenger service and the other two for coal and freight traffic. While both trains were speeding along an axle of one of the gondolas suddenly snapped in two, throwing a number of the empty coal-cars over onto the passenger tracks a few rods in front of the locomotive.
Before Engineer THOMAS was able to pull back the throttle to stop it, his engine crashed into the gondolas. The locomotive was wrecked and the baggage-car ran up into the engine. The passenger coaches were thrown from the tracks, but were not overturned.

The Evening Bulletin Maysville Kentucky 1895-03-02