Menlo Park, NJ Train Wreck, Oct 1902

One Killed and Twelve Injured In Wreck at Menlo Park, N. J.

New Brunswick, N. J., Oct. 9 – A rear-end collision occurred on the Pennsylvania Railroad on the curve at Menlo Park, seven miles from New Brunswick, yesterday morning, between two fast trains going towards New York. JOHN SILPATH, of Jersey City, was killed and 12 others were injured.

The eastern express on reaching Menlo Park, stopped on the curve while a hot box was fixed. Train No. 76, known as the New York and Philadelphia express, followed the eastern express close behind. The engineer of this train in some way disregarded the signals, and ran into the other train from the rear. The train was running at the rate of 60 miles an hour on the curve. The rear car was partly cut in two by the engine.

The injured are: C. F. CURTIS, of Philadelphia; MRS. CLARKE FISHER, of Trenton; MRS. MCCARTEN, of Brooklyn; EDEN BUZZEE, of Philadelphia; MRS. T. B. WRENN, of Trenton; J. BROWSKY, of Austin, Pa.; MRS. BRIDGET FLANNIGAN, MISS MOLLIE FLANNIGAN, and MRS. MARY KEANE, of Providence, R. I.; MISS MARY STEWART, of Brockton, Mass.; JAMES KELLY, of Philadelphia; and B. F. KOSLER, fireman.

The loss of life in the wreck would have been much heavier if the trainmen, knowing the Philadelphia express was due, had not notified most of the Pullman passengers to leave the cars. Flagmen rushed back to stop the oncoming train. Many of the passengers had not time to leave when the crash came. The engineer says his brakes failed to work.

The News, Frederick, MD 9 Oct 1902