Camden, NJ Storm, Jan 1889

At Camden, N. J., the wind unroofed the house of William Ripley, at No. 737 Chestnut street. The roof of William Morton’s house, No. 811 Chestnut street, was carried over a square. The houses numbered 1011, 1013, 1015 and 1017 South Eighth street, owned by James S. Henry, were also unroofed.

The roof of the rear portion of the Eighth Street Methodist Episcopal church, at Eighth and Walnut streets, was carried over three squares away and struck a brick building occupied by Elkton avenue, crushing in the side of the house and seriously injuring Mr. Strickland’s daughter. The roof of George Lasher’s house, 810 Walnut street, was carried over five squares away, and the roofs of John Griffin’s and Thomas McKeon’s dwellings, on Walnut street, above Eighth, were also taken off. These are only a portion of the casualties there.

The News, Frederick, MD 11 Jan 1889