Dover, NJ Train Wreck, Aug 1900


Fifty Coal Gondolas, Beyond Control, Crash Into a Freight, Causing Disastrous Wreck.

DOVER, N. J., Aug. 16.----A freight wreck occurred on the Lackawanna Railroad half a mile west of Dover at 1 o'clock this morning. A wildcat coal train of about fifty loaded gondolas ran into the middle of the freight near the Richardson & Boynton Stove Works.

Engineer Class of the coal train lost control of his train at Mount Arlington. When he tried to set his brakes they failed to work, and Class made his run to the scene of the wreck with his whistle constantly sounding an alarm, and his engine reversing. The crew of the train ahead heard the warning signal and managed to keep a safe lead until when nearing the drawbridge they found the danger signal set. Nothing remained for them to do but to stop or plunge through the draw, so the train stopped. All the members of the crew jumped. Engineer Class injured his shoulder badly.

The engine of the coal train was overturned, and twenty-one gondolas were piled upon three tracks, the caboose and three freight cars being also wrecked. The tracks were torn up for 300 feet, and completely blocked. Traffic was delayed for several hours, but trains were later sent around the wreck.

The New York Times, New York, NY 17 Aug 1900