Elizabeth, NJ Apartment Gas Explosion, Jan 1935

Four Women Killed by Gas in Jersey Home Tube Disconnected as One Cooks Breakfast

ELIZABETH, N. J., Jan. 1 —
Three sisters and the daughter of
one of them were accidentally
killed by illuminating gas in their
first floor apartment at 642 Jackson
Avenue this morning.
The dead are Mrs. Carrie Harth,
79 years old; her daughter, Miss
Carrie Harth, 51; Miss Angelina
Rode, 55, and Mrs. Tillie Kuhn, 69.
The tragedy was discovered at
9:30 o'clock by William McVey, a
He found gas pouring from a
disconnected rubber hose used on a
gas appliance on top of a coal
stove, which was cold. Seated on
a chair about ten feet from the
stove was Miss Rode, who acted as
housekeeper. The other women
were found lying in front of the
The police were of the belief that
Miss Rode got up to prepare breakfast
and in some manner struck
the hose connection, jarring it
loose. According to the theory
advanced by the police, Miss Rode
was affected by the fumes and sat
down, but before she could call for
help was overcome.
The three other women are believed
to have been affected while
in bed, being overcome when they
entered the kitchen.
Prayer books, rosaries and change
found on the kitchen table indicated,
the police said, that the women
planned to attend mass.
The four women were born In
Brooklyn. Mrs. Harth, her daughter
and Miss Rode had lived here
for about twelve years. Mrs. Kuhn
lived at 587 Morris Street, Orange.
Mrs. Anna F. Dunne, 51 years old,
wife of Police Sergeant Patrick
Dunne, was killed yesterday morning
when she fainted over the gas
stove while cooking lunch in her
home at 46-84 Utopia Parkway,
Auburndale, Queens. She upset
stewpans and the gas flames were put
out When her family returned
from mass, Dr. Rich of Flushing
Hospital was called. He applied an
inhalator for an hour without success.
Besides her husband, Mrs.
Dunn is survived by four sons and
four daughters.