Carney's Point, NJ Powder Works Fire, May 1904

Leaped Into Pond To Escape Flames

Powder Ignited At The Carney’s Point Plant And Embers Fell Over A Mile Away

Special to The Inquirer.
Pennsgrove, N.J., May 13.-The passing house of the powder works at Carney’s Point, just below here, was burned to-day, ruining all the machinery. For some cause unknown the charges of powder caught fire. In an instant the blazing powder had set fire to the building and the workmen jumped from the burning structure into a pond of water. The charges were not confined, thus an explosion was avoided, but the puffing powder threw high in the air pieces of cinders and light stuff, which fell in the town, a distance of over a mile from the blaze. No one was injured.

Had the wind been in the opposite direction it would have fanned the flames to a cotton shed filled with charged gun cotton.

Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 14 May 1904