Trenton, NJ Independence Day Accidents, Jul 1934

Mrs. Benjamin Salmanowitz, 55 years old, of Railroad Avenue, Hightstown, was struck in the leg by what is believed to have been a revolver blank. She was watching some children throwing toy bombs yesterday morning when the accident occurred. It is believed a late-sleeper, annoyed by the children, fire a blank which struck Mrs. Salmanowitz a glancing blow. The injury was described as being slight by Dr. William L. Wilbur, of Hightstown.

Alonzo Anderson, 16, of Lawrenceville, collided with a fellow baseball player yesterday and fell to the ground. He suffered a deep cut of the scalp and was treated at Mercer Hospital.

Raymond Kerlin, 25, of 240 Hamilton Avenue, and Miss Dorothy Harrop, 19 years old, of Morrisville, were injured last night when their auto skidded and turned over near Lakehurst. Kerlin is being held under observation at Mercer Hospital. Miss Harrop was treated and then discharged.

Loss of three teeth and a cut on the scalp were suffered by 2-year-old James Jones, of Bristol, yesterday when the auto in which he was riding figured in an accident near Langhorne. He was treated by Dr. Henry Lovett, of Langhorne.

James W. Brandy, 35, of Langhorne, slowed down as he neared the scene of that accident and his car was struck in the rear by a machine operated by Miss June R. Evans, 17 years old, of George School, Newtown, Pa. Brandt’s wife suffered cuts and bruises and was treated by Dr. Lovett.

Anna Matheys, 10 years old, of Philadelphia, was slight hurt yesterday when an auto in which she was riding figured in a crash with a car on the old Lincoln Highway, near Langhorne.

Occupants of two cars that collided near Alexander’s Creek, Lambertville, escaped injury. The drivers were Francis Riordan, of Lambertville, and Allen Bye, of Newtown. Allen H. Musselman, of Lambertville, and Jerome C. Moore, of Conshocken, Pa., escaped hurts when their cars collided at Lambertville. Injuries also were escaped by Orville Brophy, of the Mercer County Workhouse, and Daniel Pinto, of 421 East Brown Street, when their cars crashed on the Jacobs Creek Road, near the River Road.

Trenton Evening Times, Trenton, NJ 5 Jul 1934