Trenton, NJ Match Factory Explosion, Jul 1894


Three People Injured by an Explosion in a Trenton Match Factory.

TRENTON, N. J., July 24.----Three persons were injured by an explosion at the Trenton Match Factory at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon. They are:
ELY, EDWARD; arm and leg badly burned
JEWELL, CLARA; badly bruised
TINDALL, GEORGE; foot nearly torn off and face badly cut.

The damage to the building will amount to several thousand dollars due more to the force of the explosion than to the fire which followed, and which was quickly controlled by the Fire Department, aided by the employes [sic], who out the company's apparatus into service.

The explosion was due to the overheating of about five gallons of the composition which is use in making the heads of matches, and which is composed principally of chlorate of potash and phosphorus. The liquid was in a metal caldron, which was in a room just back of the office, and it was being stirred by machinery so as to thoroughly mix the ingredients when the explosion occurred and the caldron burst.

The New York Times, New York, NY 25 Jul 1894