Atlantic City, NJ Boat Accident, Jun 1900


Four Men in a Boat Which Was Capsized in Sudden Squall.

Atlantic City, N. J., June 4.—Three postoffice employes{sic}, H. F. Riley, T. F. Riley, and Harry Jones, and David Rockwell of New York, narrowly escaped drowning yesterday by the Capsizing of their yacht off{sic} this city. A sudden squall overtook them, and the boat was overturned because a patent clamp holding the sheet ropes failed to work properly.

Jones and Harry Riley swam ashore, but Frank Riley sank twice before two colored fishermen who saw the accident picked them up. The men then rescued Rockwell, who had been clinging to the overturned boat about an hour.

New Haven Register, New Haven, CT 4 Jun 1900