Trenton, NJ Caught Foot in Rail; Saved from 50 Feet Fall, Apr 1916


To hang by one foot, 50 feet above the Assunpink Creek, while breathless onlookers thought he would be dashed to certain death before Special officer Hickok could effect a rescue, was the experience of Charles Barcello of Monmouth County yesterday.

Thinking it unnecessary to take the long way of going down the steps to reach the Clinton Street Station platform, Barcello climbed over the railing at the side of the bridge which spans the creek and railroad tracks on Clinton Avenue, presuming that he would be able to step from there to the station platform. After he had succeeded in getting on the outside of the railing, one of his feet luckily became caught, and he hung, head downward above the water.

Realizing his precarious position, Barcello tried to get hold of some object that he might draw himself up and get back over the railing. While grasping desperately, he swung against the stone abutment, receiving lacerations about the face.

Upon the arrival of the officer, he was extricated and even though he had a rather depressing experience, he was placed under arrest and taken to the police station.

That was not the end of his sad time, for when he appeared before Judge Geraghty in Police Court yesterday afternoon, he was fined $20.

Barcello told the judge he came to this city to visit his brother, who is ill in St Francis Hospital, and took occasion to get a “few drinks.” After being fined, he was placed in a cell and retained a few hours, that he might have a chance to “sober up a bit.”

He had $50 at the time of his arrest.

Trenton Evening Times, Trenton, NJ 16 Apr 1916