Branchville, NJ House Trailer Explosion, Feb 1959


Branchville, N. J. (AP) -- Four children huddled in bed in their family's house trailer were killed today when an oil stove exploded.
EILEEN HENDERSON, 26, mother of the children, was visiting in a nearby home at the time. She was burned trying to rescue the youngsters.
The trailer was attached to a one-room cottage in Frankford Township, in the northwest part of the state. Both were leveled by flames.
Police said a heater in the doorway connecting the cottage and the trailer blew up.
Killed were LINDA, 6; ROBERT, JR., 5; WILLIAM, 4; and BARRETT, 2.
MRS. HENDERSON at the time was visiting in the home of her sister-in-law, Mrs. Barrett Henderson, about 100 feet away.

Lawton Constitution Oklahoma 1959-02-23