Maplewood, NJ Man Hit By Train Saving Dog, Apr 1927


Maplewood, N.J., April 7 -- (UP) -- STUART L. WEILL, general sales engineer of the Western Electric Company, gave his life today to save a frightened dog from death under the wheels of a train.
WEILL was at the station with other commuters of the Maplewood colony waiting for a New York express. As it speeded into the station, those on the platform cried out in alarm, as they saw a little airedale directly in its path, unaware of the danger.
WEILL, executive of a big corporation, war hero and man of action, wasted no time.
He sprang to the tracks. The dog became aware of the excitement and sensed his peril but was too frightened to move.
The train was on top of the dog. WEILL could have sprung aside but he bent down to scoop up the frightened animal in his arms, and then, several observers said, stumbled.
WEILL was killed instantly. The dog he had tried to save was still alive but was so badly hurt that police had to shoot it.
WEILL would have been 37 next week, on Good Friday. He lived here with his wife and two children, commuting to the offices of the Western Electric Co., in New York.
His wife was overcome by the tragedy and his friends here were deeply affected. Those who knew him best said they were certain he must have slipped just as the train bore down, as he was wiry, active and unlikely to mis-time his action even in an emergency.
When the war broke out, he became a first lieutenant in the Signal Corps and went overseas with the 317th Battalion, seeing action with the advanced section at the front.

Chester Times Pennsylvania 1927-04-07