Atlantic City, NJ Baltic Avenue Casino Floor Collapse, Jul 1895 - List of Injured

List of the Injured.

A revised list of injured is as follows:
Frederick Clapproth, Camden, both legs and arms broken; will probably die.
Alvin Booth, Cobne, N.Y., hand sprained.
James J. Armstrong, New York, left foot broken.
Mrs. Armstrong, ankle sprained.
Edward Youngman, Fremont, Ohio, mouth cut.
William Baxter, Lima, Ohio, leg and arm injured.
Dr. P.F. Gunther, Pittsburg, bruised.
W.H. French, Frank Peterson, Dr. S. G. Buskey, Dr. A.H. Lippincott, J.J. Corbett, A. Hayden, W. Anderson, L.D. Dickinson, Maurice Hertz, William Williams, Louis C. Koessel, Hobert E. Boyd, E.J. Smith, Frank Evans, H.C. Williams, J. Melville, all members of Jersey City and Camden lodges, were bruised and cut, but none seriously injured.
Charles Folwell, Camden, leg broken. Gone home.
Charles W. Farrell, Minneapolis, arm and leg bruised; J.G. Doyle, detective, of Minneapolis, arm and leg bruised; Mrs. L. Placaide, Brooklyn, slightly bruised; Dr. George W. Pechin, Camden, leg broken; James Long, Camden, nose broken.
Mrs. A.H. Deuse, Camden, nose broken.
Mrs. Morris Rogers, wife of State Senator Rogers, Camden, cut about head.
U.G. Lee, Camden, leg fractured.
Wm. Mines, Camden, leg sprained.
Mrs. Mines, head cut.
Mrs. Jennie Rockwell, Philadelphia, cut about head.

No members of the Brooklyn, Newark, Chicago, Jersey City or Elizabeth, (N.J.) lodges were injured. The Jersey City delegation left the Casino only a moment before the crash came.

Among the Philadelphians injured are:
Mrs. Moses Mendel, baldy bruised.
Mrs. Pry, internally injured.
Les Frye, leg broken.
C. Henney, nose fractured.
Miss Armstrong, arm broken.
William Henry Rice, the old burnt cook comedian, of New York, bruised and internally injured.
F.D. Steck, New York, sprained ankle.
Monroe Beringer, New York, both legs broken.
Miss Frudenthal, New York, leg fractured.
Mrs. S.S. Japna, New York, cut about head.
Mrs. Alice A. Allen, Brooklyn, shock.
John Schlegel, Brooklyn, cut about head.
Ex-city Auditor Anton Webber, of Brooklyn, and Mrs. Webber, both injured about back.
Mrs. E. Knox, Little Newburgh, N.Y., nervous shock.
Nat. Duke, Joliet, Ill., cut about head.
Miss Greening, Detroit, contusion of foot.
Louis Jones, Boston, internally injured.
Brother Lumbard, Boston, sprained ankle and broken arm.
C.N. Foote, Minneapolis, collar bone and leg sprained.
W.E. Weel, East Liverpool, Ohio, spine injured.
Mrs. Livesey, East Liverpool, Ohio, leg injured.
Mrs. Goultoa, Pittsburgh, shoulder sprained.
Mrs. Dobbs, Illinois, broken nose.
Byron W. Orr, editor, ceberal (sic) concussion and injured about head.
Mrs. B.W. Orr, injured about head.
W.B. Rice, Detroit, sprained leg.
John Trovn, Washington, cut about head.
Dr. H.W. Fry, Roanoke, Va., leg fractured.
Frank Bolden, eye cut.
J. Melville Jansen, of Carncross’s Minstrels, face injured and leg bruised.
Mrs. Jansen, compound fracture of the leg.
Anthony Diamond, ankle broken.
Albert Gardner, rib broken.
Pasquals [illegible], ribs broken.
Others injured are: Louis Haines, of Atlantic City, seriously bruised and cut.
E.H. Condit, Camden, leg broken.
Major Wolfe, [illegible], bruised.
John C. Mcmenamin, Atlantic City, hip fractured.
Mrs. Mcmenamin, rib broken and head cut.
Max Lucas, Atlantic City, leg broken.
Foreman, Jack Ely, of the electric railway, took hold of a live wire with his bare hand and cut it to prevent a fire. He succeeded but his condition is now serious from the effects of the shock he received.
Thomas Crements, Atlantic City, head cut.
Chas. H. Creamer, Atlantic City, back hurt.

Sun, Baltimore, MD 12 Jul 1895