Princeton, NJ Princeton Theological Seminary Alexander Hall Fire, Jan 1913

Fire In Alexander Hall.

Historic Princeton Building Damaged and Famous Bell Destroyed.

Princeton, N.J., Jan. 1.-Alexander Hall, oldest building of Princeton Theological Seminary, was damaged by fire this afternoon. The fire started on the fourth floor, and was fought by a number of students headed by F.C. Thompson, once all around champion athlete of America. The Fire Department arrived late, having been delayed by an accident to the engine. The fire burned for two hours and destroyed the fourth floor and belfry. The rest of the building was damaged by water. The loss is estimated at $15,000, covered by insurance.

Alexander Hall was built in 1815 by the Presbyterian Church, and was the first building of the church in this country devoted to the seminary purposes. The seminary bell, installed in 1832 and rung during every day since then, fell today the third floor and was broken. For the past few years the building has been used as a dormitory and fifty students are now without rooms.

The New York Times, New York, NY 2 Jan 1913