West Asbury Park, NJ Fire, Oct 1894

Flames in West Asbury Park.

WEST ASBURY PARK, N. J., Oct. 3.---Four stores and three cottages on Springwood Avenue were destroyed by fire this evening. The firemen of the town were handicapped by the limited supply of water, and further damage was averted by the assistance rendered by the Asbury Park and Ocean Grove Departments. The burned buildings and their contents were valued at $10,000. The cottages were occupied by Mrs. W. F. Billups, George Applegate, and Thomas Williams. Goldstein's shoe store, Walker's barber shop, Ackerman's bakery, and Jeck's grocery were burned to the ground. The fire started in Mrs. Billups's cottage.

The New York Times, New York, NY 4 Oct 1894