Phillipsburg, NJ Train Wreck, Jan 1912


P. R. R. Express Derailed Near Phillipsburg, N. J.---One Car Overturned.

PHILLIPSBURG, N. J., Jan. 20---The Philadelphia express on the Belvidere-Delaware Division of the Pennsylvania Railroad was wrecked a short distance below Phillipsburg this morning as it was passing over the switches leading into the boat yard of the Morris Canal. The first car was overturned. The other three cars of the train left the rails, but kept upright.

Twenty passengers in the first car were badly bruised and lacerated. Dr. C. H. Cain, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Christian Endeavor Societies, of Philadelphia had an arm broken, and Salvatore Leoni, a trackman, had his foot so badly crushed that it had to be amputated.

The injured are:

BOYER, LOUIS E., Easton; face lacerated.
CHAIN, Dr. CHARLES W., Philadelphia; left arm broken.
DUNN, GEORGE W., Stroudsburg; jaw cut, left wrist and left knee injured.
EWING, JAMES, Trenton; lacerations of the face.
LEONI, SALVATORE, trackman; foot crushed.
MEISENHELDER, LEWIS, Chicago; left knee injured.
RUMBLE, FRANK L., Philadelphia; left leg cut.
YARESS, JOSEPH, Easton; left hand injured.

The first coach sideswiped a coal train that was standing on a switch and was turned over on its side. The second coach collided with a steel gondola and was broken up. The third coach and the baggage car were not much damaged.

The injured were taken to the Easton Hospital. A train was made up by the Lackawanna Railroad at Stroudsburg, and the passengers of the wrecked train were sent on their journey.

The New York Times, New York, NY 21 Jan 1912