Asbury Park, NJ Runaway Accident, Jun 1892

Asbury Park, NJ Runaway Accident, Jun 1892

Actor Henley’s Accident

(By Telegraph To The Herald.)

Asbury Park, N. J., June 24, 1892. – Actor Edward J. HENLEY, who is summering here, was in a runaway accident this afternoon that came near resulting fatally for him. He arrived here at five o’clock and was met at the train by William FLEISHMAN, his manager, and Miss EVERETT, a guest of Mrs. FLEISHMAN.

The party rolled up Main street in a phaeton, and, as they neared Lake avenue, a horse attached to a butcher’s wagon dashed around the corner and came straight for them. The two vehicles collided with a crash and Mr. FLEISHMAN at once jumped out of the phaeton to have the driver arrested. The butcher whipped up his horses and Mr. FLEISHMAN started in chase. He had hardly gone half a dozen steps when his own horse became frightened and ran away.

Mr. HENLEY in trying to get the reins was thrown out. He landed on his hands and the wheels passed over his legs. Miss EVERETT, who had kept her seat, then managed to get the reins and soon brought the animal to a standstill. The skin was torn from Mr. HENLEY’S wrists and arms and both ankles bruised. His injuries are painful but not serious. Manager FLEISHMAN failed to overtake the wagon and the driver is unknown.

New York Herald, New York, NY 25 Jun 1892