Newton, NJ Marching Band & Wagon Accident, Sept 1892

Killed Two in the Procession.

ORANGE, N. J., Sept. 17.--Some members of a local band that went with a Morristown fire company on an outing to Newton, in Sussex County, yesterday, bring news of an accident at Newton that cost at least two lives.

The members of Washington Engine Company, No. 1, of Morristown had spent the day in enjoyment with their friends, and at evening formed in line to march to the station.

While they were marching, a man named Ward drove a team and wagon recklessly through the crowd.

Paul Stroble, a Morristown livery keeper, was knocked down and so badly hurt that he died in half an hour. Foreman Townley of Kittatinny Hose Company was buried twenty-five feet and died two hours later of his injuries. John Markwith, a member of the band, had two ribs broken. Editor John Brown and several others were badly injured.

The New York Times, New York, NY 18 Sept 1892