Atlantic City, NJ Drowning, Jun 1895


A Young Man Arrested on a Charge of Crimminal Negligence.

ATLANTIC CITY, June 3.---The first drowning accident on the bathing grounds for over a year occurred yesterday afternoon at the foot of Illinois avenue. Charles R. Thompson, of Cleveland, O., and MISS JENNIE GROGLE, aged 21 years, of Ninth and Dickinson streets, Philadelphia, were in bathing together. Thompson took the young woman a dangerous distance out from the shore to give her swimming lessons. They were caught in a whirlpool, became separated, and very soon the girl sank beneath the waves, while several thousand persons on the boardwalk and beach looked on. Robert Brady, a brother of Bathhouse Keeper, Joseph Brady, reached Thompson as he was sinking for the last time. It was a brave rescue and Brady is the hero of the hour.

Mrs. James Farley, a relative of Miss Grogle, lodged a complaint against Thompson last night, charging him with criminal negligence in having taken the unfortunate young woman too far out from shore. He was arrested and at the preliminary hearing said that his real name is Crawford, and that he is not an expert swimmer. He was held without bail to await the result of the inquest.

It is asserted by witnesses to the accident that it was the result of the recent building of a jetty at the point where the drowning occurred. The presence of the jetty has caused the waves to wash a deep hole in the sand at its outer end, making a precipitous "step off" of great depth in comparatively shallow water. A gentleman with two children narrowly escaped drowning in the same place during the morning hour, their rescue being effected only by the extraordinary timely exertions of some bathers who were in the vicinity.

Middletown Daily Argus, Middletown, NY 3 Jun 1895