Belvidere, NJ Flood, Feb 1896


Bridges and Culverts Washed Away and Railroad Traffic Stopped.

Belvidere, N. J., Feb. 7.----Never in the memory of man has there fallen so much rain in five hours as fell in this vicinity during the storm yesterday. The streams have all overflown their banks, washing away road and railway bridges, compelling a complete cessation of travel. At Manunkachunk, three miles from here, at which is the junction of the Pennsylvania and Lackawanna railroads, three culverts and a half mile of track were washed away and the large platform at the junction was completely undermined and fell in. The Lehigh & Hudson River railway, which runs between Belvidere and Greycourt has been completely washed out and all passenger and freight traffic abandoned. The loss to the railroads and the county in washouts and the destruction of bridges will run into the thousands.

Middletown Daily Argus, Middletown, NY 7 Feb 1896