Atlantic City, NJ Yacht Rescue, Sept 1900


Their Yacht Stranded on Bar, They Set Signals of Distress

Special to The Inquirer.

ATLANTIC CITY, Sept. 9.---A Philadelphia fishing party of twelve persons, the guests of William G. Layer, a merchant engaged in business in the vicinity of Eleventh and Cumberland streets, experienced a thrilling adventure this morning in the Inlet nearly opposite the Royal Palace Hotel. The sloop yacht Dart, commanded by Captain Samuel Monroe, on which they were passengers, stranded on the middle ground bar while the tide was falling.

Captain and passengers for two hours struggled vainly to get the craft afloat. Then Captain Monroe set signals of distress, which were answered by the government life saving crew. The passengers were landed safely towards noon and later the sloop yacht was floated with but little damage.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 10 Sept 1900