Orange, NJ House Fire, Jan 1912


Family Reaches Ground Safely When Flames Cut Off Stairway

ORANGE N J Jan 14.---A leap by Edward J McCoy into the icy branches of a tree which grew close to his window saved him from death of serious injury and was the means of saving his wife and two children when is $15,000 dwelling here was burned today.

Escape by the staircase was cut off when the crackling flames awakened the family McCoy leaped from an upper window to the tree and clung to its close swinging branches. One child was passed to him and he slid safely to the ground with this infant. He caught the other child, which was thrown to him from the window Then he helped his wife gain the tree branches and brought her safely to the ground Their servant, Mary Frank, leaped from the window and broke her leg.

All members of the family suffered severely from exposure to the zero temperature.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 15 Jan 1912