New Brunswick, NJ Train Wreck, Nov 1896


Passenger Train Wrecked on the Pennsylvania Road.

New York, Nov. 25. -- Two men were killed and two others severely injured in a double train wreck on the Pennsylvania railroad near New Brunswick, N. J., to-day. The casualties involve the Washington express of this city, which at the moment was running at the rate of sixty miles an hour, and the marvel is that it did not result in the death and maiming of scores of passengers. This train and a freight were running on parallel tracks when the breaking of a truck on one of the freight cars threw it from its course and directly in the way of the express. The locomotive of the latter struck the freight cars and wrecked eight of them. The locomotive was overturned and plunged down an embankment twelve feet high, falling upon and killing Engineer JOSEPH MAGAN and Fireman H. W. CHICHESTER. The mail car and the combination car were also carried over the embankment and the first of the three sleepers stopped at the very brink of the incline. Mail Clerk LAMBERT, of Washington, was unconscious when taken from the wreck. He had several ribs broken and was otherwise severely hurt, but is expected to recover. ROBERT TABABON, of this city, a passenger, was passing from one car to another when the crash came and hurled to the ground. He was badly hurt but not fatally injured. A number of people on the day coach sustained bruises and scratches. None of the people on the freight train were hurt at all.

Aspen Weekly Times Colorado 1896-11-28