Oldbridge, NJ Train Wreck, Aug 1853


Two trains on the Camden and Amboy Railroad came in collision on the 9th inst. The cars left Amboy at 8 o'clock, for Philadelphia – the engineer driving on at his utmost speed, to gain some twenty minutes lost time. On reaching Oldbridge, seven miles from Amboy, the conductor espied the train from Camden with five cars, full of passengers, coming towards him; and before the Amboy train could check its speed, they came in full collission[sic], crushing and breaking the engines, and making perfect wrecks of two of the cars on each train, killing four and maiming a large number of passengers. A meeting of the passengers was held on the spot, and resolutions denouncing the company and its officers as guilty of the most reckless carelessness, adopted.
The engineers and conductors were immediately arrested, and held to answer the result of the coroner's inquest.
The following is a list of the killed and wounded:
A German about 50 years of age, name unknown;
An Irish woman, name unknown;
D. H. DUNCAN, of New York, had his child, about two years old, killed in the hands of the nurse;
The nurse was also killed, and MR. D'S wife was seriously injured.
THADDEUS WENTWORTH, of Philadelphia, seriously bruised;
JAMES McCORMICK, wife and daughter, of Harrisburg, slightly injured;
MISSES BUEHLER and ALWICK, in company with them, were also slightly injured;
MR. COMMERFORTH, of Louisville, Ky., slightly bruised;
ALBERT EBBERMAN, of Philadelphia, seriously injured in both legs.
The following were in the train coming from Philadelphia:
JOHN B. HOWLAND, of Norfolk, Va., and family, all slightly bruised;
MR. MAYNARD and child, of Washington, child badly cut in the face;
JOSEPH DAVIS, of Morristown, New Jersey, seriously bruised – thought dangerously;
REV. JAMES PERVIANCE, of Mississippi, wife and child – all injured, child had his thigh broken;
MRS. P. totally disabled by injury to her hips;
MR. P. had his foot smashed;
MARY JANE SHELBY, of Philadelphia, slightly hurt;
WILLIAM B. BAYLES, of Union, Broome county, N. Y., cut and bruised.

The Quincy Daily Whig Illinois 1853-08-17