Magnolia, NJ Trolley Wreck, Aug 1907


Twelve Hurt When Trolleys Meet Head On---Motorman Could Not See Signals.

Philadelphia, Aug 14---Hidden from each other by a heavy curtain of fog, two trolley cars running at almost full speed, crashed head on at 6 o'clock this morning at Warrick road, Magnolia, N. J., ten miles from Camden.

Twelve persons were injured, nine seriously, however. There were fully fifty person, mostly men, in the north bound car, running from Clementon to Camden, on the Haddon Heights branch of the Public service corporation trolley road. The other car was almost empty.

It was the north bound car, heavily laden with men going to their work in Camden, that was most injured It was splintered and hurled from its trucks Every passenger was thrown to the floor by the impact, and it was in this way that the injuries were sustained.

The worst hurt were S. E. Haddon, 35 years old, 216 Powell street, Gloucester City, a fractured collar bone. He was conductor on the wrecked car.

William H. Buckingham, 29 years old, Mount Ephraim, N. J. motorman, four scalp wounds caused by flying glass.

John J. Beringer, 60 years old, of 58 West Logan street, Philadelphia, small bone broken in right leg.

The three men above named were only slightly injured, and, after they had been taken to the Cooper Hospital, Camden, and treated there, were permitted to go to their homes.

Of the others injured, Harry Olsen, of Magnolia, was most painfully hurt He sustained bruises of the legs, arms and head He was treated by a doctor whose office is near the scene of the collision, and permitted to return home.

The others who were bruised and battered by the crashing cars were given first aid treatment. Some then went home, while others continued to their work.

So thick was the fog that neither motorman saw the other until the two rapidly moving cars were within a few feet of each other Then the brakes were set and the power reversed by the motormen, who struck to their posts, but the rails were wet and slippery and it was impossible to check the cars in time.

Gazette and Bulletin, Williamsport, PA 15 Aug 1907