Skillman, NJ Train Wreck, Apr 1893

Rear End Collision on the Reading Road.

Bound Brook, April 15. A rear end collision took place this morning on the Philadelphia and R-Reading Road at Skillman Station, three miles from here, and John J. HILLIARD of Elizabeth, Frederick FRANCIS of Jersey City, and Claude FLAVILLE of Philadelphia were injured.

An engine plowed into the rear car of an express train which had stopped for orders, and the three men mentioned were caught in the wreck.

The telegraph operator at Skillman fainted when he saw the accident and it was some time before he could be restored to consciousness.

Travel was delayed for several hours.

The New York Times, New York, NY 16 Apr 1893


Train wreck at Skillman, N.J.

My grandfather, William Newton Skillman, was the principal station agent at the Skillman station in 1893. I don't recall that he ever mentioned this accident, but it was interesting to read that he fainted dead away when it happened. As a lad I visited him at the station and when his shift was over he and I would ride the doodle-bug to Hopewell where he lived.

Bill Skillman