Paterson, NJ Runaway Accident, May 1900

Horse's Fatal Scare.

Paterson, N. J., May 28.--Scorching along a lonely mountain road in Pompton township Saturday night a cyclist unwittingly caused a runaway accident which has resulted in the death of Edward Eckert, assistant superintendent of the Pompton Steel works. Eckert, an experienced horseman mounted on a spirited horse, rode to Paterson and on the return journey dismounted near the Norton House to tighten a girth. A 50 foot embankment dotted with bowlders[sic] ran along both sides of the road. Eckert attempted to remount and had one foot in the stirrup when a cyclist whirled by at full speed and disappeared down the road. The horse bolted. Eckert was jerked from his feet and thrown over the head of the animal down the embankment. He struck on his head and lay insensible for some time. When he revived, he gained the road, hailed a passing carriage and was driven to his home. He seemed not to be seriously hurt, but suddenly dropped dead after arising yesterday. He died from brain hemorrhage.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 29 May 1900