Toms River, NJ drowning, Aug 1904


Wilmington Boy Lost His Life in Toms River

Special to The Inquirer.

TOMS RIVER, N. J., Aug. 17. - Donald, the seven-year-old son of J. W. McClenahan, of Wilmington, Delaware, was drowned in Toms River this afternoon.

With Linday Hall, a neighbor's lad of the same age, Donald was out in a boat getting pond lilies. Mr. Hill came down to the shore and called the boys in. The boys had been in bathing also, and Donald sang out that he wanted one more dive. He pushed the boat and dove off.

Mrs. Hill heard her son call and rushed out into the water as far as she could wade, only to see the boy go down just beyond her reach. The other lad got ashore safely, being able to swim a little. The drowned lad could swim bout a few strokes.

Captain Will Bateman was bound up the river, heard the cries and put in the cove with his craft and got the boy out after he had been in the water half hour, but all efforts to resuscitate him were in vain.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 18 Aug 1904