Belleville, NJ - Edison Plant Burns, Jan 1910

An Edison Plant Burns
Five of nine buildings of Battery Works in Belleville, NJ, Destroyed
-Special to The New York Times-

Jan 19, 1910 - The greater part of the plant of the Edison Manufacturing Company, located on Belmont Avenue, Belleville, was destroyed by fire at an early hour today, causing a loss of about $20,000.

The blaze was discovered by John Gough, Sr. the night watchmen, who saw flames coming out of the roof near the large smokestack.

Although sixty-five men were employed at the plant in the daytime, there were only nine men in the night force. These were got out as quickly as possible, although some of them had not time to get their clothes.

The night engineer blew his whistle, which brought the Silver Lake firemen, but with their limited equipment they could do little to stop the blaze.

A call was sent to the Bloomfield depart(ment), and five companies came. By that time five of the nine buildings were destroyed, but the firemen succeeded in saving the other buildings.

An engine was sent from Newark, but the fire was under control before it arrived.

The building in which the chemicals were stored was saved. No one was injured, although there were many narrow escapes from falling timbers.

Batteries were made at the plant. The fire started from an overheated furnace