Passaic County, NJ tornado, June 1880

The tornado of Sunday afternoon did great damage in the upper part of Passaic County, N. J., and that neighborhood. At Bloomingdale, part of the roof of James White's paper mill was blown off. Eight new houses in course of construction by the rubber company, at that place, were completely demolished, the frames being leveled to the ground and wrenched to pieces. Seventeen other new houses belonging to the company, but which were under roofs, escaped, serious injury. A fine new house of John F. Cisco, not yet roofed, was entirely destroyed. A large chestnut tree was blown against the house of Abram Vreeland, crashing through the roof, badly damaging the building, and frightening the inmates. A handsome double row of cherry trees along the road was torn up by the roots and thrown into the adjoining fields. The road from Pompton to Bloomingdale was strewn the whole way with fallen trees. Numerous minor casualties, all betokening the resistless force of the tornado, are reported from the same locality. At Midvale and Wanaque many large trees were prostrated, and the crops were damaged considerably. The chapel of the Pompton Plains Reformed Church was blown over, and several barns near by were demolished.

The New York Times, New York, NY 15 Jun 1880