Lakewood, NJ Resort Hotel Destroyed, Mar 1967

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Lakewood, N.J. -- (UPI) -- Fire destroyed a century old posh resort hotel early today, sending 35 guests into the night, some in nightclothes. Five persons were injured, none seriously.
Fire officials said the blaze of unknown origin broke out shortly before midnight in the old brick and frame Laurel in the Pines Hotel. It was the structure's fifth fire since 1960, officials said.
The other fires were all minor. This one left the 135 room hotel a charred ruin with unofficial damage estimates climbing into the millions.
Three women, a man and a boy were treated for first and second degree burns at a local hospital and released.
Flames roared hundreds of feet into the air and could be seen for miles. Laurel in the Pines, the largest resort hotel in the community, was a favorite with New York executives and their wives as a vacation spot.

The Bridgeport Post Connecticut 1967-03-29


Lakewood, N. J. (UPI) -- An intensive arson investigation was begun today in a fire that devastated the $1 million Laurel in the Pines Hotel, possibly killing two persons.
Police said a man and woman were still missing and a search of the charred ruins of the posh 100-year-old resort hotel would be made for them.
The two were identified as WILLIAM BAILY, 94, of New York, a guest, and MRS. ANN HANLON, 61, an employe who lived at the hotel.


I was there

I remember watching this blaze in the night when I was 12 years old.

It was amazing to see. My brain filled with all sorts of "who dun-its." I remember hearing the people around me state no one died and that the source of the fire was unknown.

I'll wager that today's forensics would figure it out - hum-m?